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  • June 03, 2016 8:17 AM | Amanda Riordan (Administrator)

    Don't miss the fantastic editorial, Save lives, not seconds, in Wednesday's Boston Globe. Written by Cataldo's Tom Kimball, it gets to the heart of many issues with using response times as the only performance metric. (Emphasis below is ours.)

    Many cities and towns in Massachusetts still judge the performance of their ambulance services using metrics like response times, which can miss the point. An additional two minutes waiting for an ambulance will rarely make a difference for a trauma patient facing emergency surgery that may take hours. 
    Patient outcome is a more valuable measure of whether a medical service is doing right by people. In many areas of health care these days, it is the gold standard, a key factor in determining how much insurance companies pay service providers. Changing the terms of ambulance companies’ contracts to make good patient outcomes the goal could greatly improve the quality of medical care across the state — and save lives.
    Read the full editorial over at the Boston Globe.
  • May 19, 2016 2:12 PM | Amanda Riordan (Administrator)

    Congratulations to MAA member Fallon Ambulance!

    Fallon Ambulance Service (www.fallonambulance.com), the region’s largest independently owned ambulance service provider, has been recognized by the American Heart Association for its excellence in response and treatment for heart attack victims in the field.

    Fallon Ambulance received the highest level of commendation, the American Heart Association’s Mission Lifeline Gold Award.

    Fallon is the only individual private ambulance firm in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to achieve this level of recognition. Qualifying was based on data collected throughout 2015, specifically cases where Fallon Ambulance responded to 9-1-1 calls for ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), the most deadly type of heart attack caused by a blockage of blood flow to the heart.  

    Learn more about Fallon at http://www.fallonambulance.com/about-us/fallon-news.

  • May 15, 2016 9:13 AM | Amanda Riordan (Administrator)

    Happy EMS Week from the Massachusetts Ambulance Association. Thank you for all that you do for the communities of our state.

    If you are hosting any special activities this week, MAA would love to share photos! Please email maa@the-aaa.org or reply to the forum post requesting pictures.

    Thank you again for your service.

  • May 10, 2016 2:13 PM | Amanda Riordan (Administrator)

    Attention, Massachusetts Ambulance Association members! If you missed the May MAA meeting, read the minutes on our new Meeting Documents page. (To access the page, login using your email and secret password.)

  • May 10, 2016 10:41 AM | Massachusetts Ambulance Association (Administrator)

    Thank you for visiting the new website of the Massachusetts Ambulance Association. Although the new site is still under construction, we are excited to share with you new functionality, including a membership directoryonline discussion forum, and a special members-only section.

    We thank you for your patience as we work to establish the MAA's new online home. Thank you for your support, and happy holidays!

    Need help? Please contact maa@the-aaa.org for assistance.

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