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Massachusetts Ambulance Association

Operations Committee

  • September 01, 2021
  • 2:00 PM
  • Zoom


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Join Chair Ron Quaranto and your fellow Ops colleagues for a discussion of EMS operations topics.


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Download Agenda as Word Document

1. Call to Order

2. Staffing.

a. Reducing lost work days and employee turnover due to injury or illness.

b. Power equipment.

i. Types e.g. stretchers, stair chairs, anything else?

ii. Any statistics available on injury reduction?

iii. ROI

iv. Improving liability costs, i.e dropping PTs?

c. Wellness programs. e.g gym membership, sports activities, team building activities like camping, hiking, charity races, etc.

d. PPE

3. Reducing auto accident Liability.

a. Types of driver training.

b. Does anyone have driver simulation.

i. Types?

ii. Costs?
If cost is excessive, is there an opportunity for a consortium model.

iii. ROI

c. Other methods of remediation.

i. Costs

ii. ROI

iii. Liability reduction figures

4. Cold responses and/or transports.

a. What standards are used and how is compliance monitored

b. How to get municipalities to buy in.

c. Lower accident rates? Statistics?

d. Anyone tried this or thinking about it?

5. Massachusetts Ambulance Task Force