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Massachusetts Ambulance Association

EMD Committee Meeting

  • May 19, 2021
  • 1:00 PM
  • Zoom

Join Chair Chuck Fothergill and your telecommunicator peers for an engaging discussion of current issues.

This quarter's theme is "Traditional Versus Today."

The group will address models now considered outdated, as well as and moving toward a more people-centered approach that is inclusive of the entire picture from communications to field operations to follow up. 

Attendance is limited to members of the Massachusetts Ambulance Association.



Rich Lindfors, NRP, EMD-Q, EMD-I, is the Total Quality Improvement Manager for the Richmond Ambulance Authority, Richmond, VA. He is a mentor, instructor, and practicing paramedic with a specialization in EMS documentation requirements. Responsible for QA/QI for operations and communications initiatives, focusing on innovative training platforms and modalities using data. Furthermore, he serves as a regional instructor for the IAED and is a member of the Council of Research with several peer-reviewed articles published. He can be contacted at rlindfors@raaems.org.